What Is the Meaning of an Infinity Necklace?

Personalized Infinity Necklace

If you have ever seen an infinity necklace, the chances are that you’ve admired and coveted it for yourself. In fact, you may already have one of your own and are now wondering what the popular symbol means.

The meaning of the infinity necklace is as beautiful as it looks. We all know what an infinity symbol looks like – a slightly stretched, horizontal figure eight. Its meaning commonly refers to the everlasting and never-ending. Below are a few more meanings usually attached to the infinity necklace:


There is a ritual meaning to the infinity symbol which has also filtered into Western society. From Tibet and India, the infinity symbol was representative of equilibrium between everything, especially the male and female genders. When these two sides come together, as in this symbol, they represent the best of both.

This meaning of balance also has relevance today, as it is Reese Witherspoon’s symbol for female empowerment. It represents all sorts of never-ending opportunities and possibilities for women which may not have been present before. Hence, it is also a symbol of feminism.


The infinity sign is a mathematical concept too. It basically symbolizes eternity and a quantity larger than any other. According to Scientologists, this is the eight dynamic, which brings us to infinite life. In fact, they also dub this concept as being the creator or the supreme being, above all others.

The Serpent or Ribbon

Philosophers and mathematicians in Ancient Greece thought of the infinity symbol as resembling a ribbon or a serpent biting itself. They, thus, had the idea that this symbol represents several concepts, including fertilization of the self, never-ending lives, and defeating death.


The infinity symbol may actually represent love better than the heart shape. The symbol is like two circles on different sides yet are always connecting and flowing into each other. What could be more representative of true love than this?

Of course, there is also the fact that couples in love want to be together forever. Many people, thus, wear the infinity necklace, which also means eternity, in the hope that their love would mimic this symbol.


Infinity necklaces and infinity jewelry of other types are quite the fashion these days. However, they can also be worn in order to display your own style and pay homage to your sentimental side. There are several ways to understand the infinity symbol, but perhaps the wearer’s intention in wearing it is the most important after all.

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