Infinity Symbol Meaning

Infinity symbol history

The infinity symbol was originally founded during the seventeenth century (some sources says 1655) by John Wallis, an English mathematician who desired to design a symbol to symbolize the idea of infinity – an amount that is greater than any number that can ever be imagined.
Many years infinity symbol was used only for mathematical purposes only.

Later in modern mysticism, the eternity symbol has become recognized with a variety of the ouroboros, an antique picture of a snake eating its own tailpiece that has also become to symbolize the infinite, and the ouroboros is sometimes formed in figure-eight form to show this identification, rather than in its more traditional round form.

Infinity symbol today

Infinity symbol has become something more than just a mathematical sign or a sign that symbolizes eternity. Nowadays the purpose behind an infinity ornament is truly wonderful – it symbolizes eternity, empowerment, and unending love. To anybody, the infinity symbol can mean various things. People loves an idea of forever. The symbol can be drawn with just one quick hand movement and has neither a beginning or an end.

Symbol keeps with it the thoughts of no limitations and infinite opportunities. While the idea of infinity or absolutely forever cannot truly be understood, it serves the desire for something to be eternal.

People wants to keep this symbol with them every day. And the best way to do that is to make a tattoo or carry it as an accessory. Even more, people love to share their love and infinite friendship to each other and now they have a solution – infinity jewelry. This association with love and friendship makes infinity jewelry the perfect gift to bestow to a significant other or best friend.

Infinity Jewelry

Infinity jewelry is all kind of jewelry made of the shape of the infinity symbol. For example, infinity rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings.

Infinity jewelry is a remarkably common fashion trend these days due to its wonderful purpose and beautiful look. Many people like adding an infinity necklace or an infinity bracelet to their daily set.

  • Infinity bracelets

Infinity bracelet can be used as an accessory without any meaning as other types of bracelets. Infinity bracelet can be used to prove strong relationships among two or more people. They can be friends, lovers or just an acquaintance. The infinity symbol will present the power of true passion, friendship or loyalty between them.

8-jewelry provides various types of infinity symbol bracelets. Leather bracelets with gold plated infinity symbol, handmade cotton rope chain bracelets, opened cuff bracelets, gold plated, silver. We offer also various infinity bracelets with some extra symbols and signs such as hearts, owls, birds, animals, horoscopes, flowers etc. Special friendship bracelets include two bracelets in the package.

Infinity symbol bracelet can be a great gift for various events, for example, Valentine’s Day, birthdays, weddings anniversaries.

  • Infinity Earrings

Infinity earrings aren’t as popular as bracelets and there is a good reason why. Bracelets use a really large part of people but earrings wear mostly women. And people don’t use infinity earrings as a friendship sign. But the symbol is the same and it still symbolizes eternity. Infinity earrings are mostly worn because of the style and taste.

8-Jewelry offers various types of gold, silver, and rose infinity earrings. They all are beautiful, the choice is yours.

  • Infinity Rings

An Infinity ring is one of the most wonderful and meaningful items of jewelry that somebody can have. It is simple however elegant all at the same point. Usually, infinity rings are shared between lovers.

Apart from faith and real love, infinity ring definition also involves eternal relationships or friendships. This ring is ordinarily placed on the fourth finger, either on your left or right hand.

Infinity rings are most often used for anniversaries and weddings because it is a symbol of love and solidarity. It can likewise be purchased and used as a sign of commitment and love regardless of what connection you have. You can put on an eternity ring in many forms based on the purpose you have behind it.

8-Jewelry offers you different styles and tastes infinity rings. We have double infinity rings, mirror type infinity symbol rings, uneven size symbol loop rings, heart infinity shape, small symbol, big symbol etc. We have gold and silver rings, rings with crystals, blue CZ stone etc.

  • Infinity Necklaces

The infinity necklace as other jewelry types can symbolize solidarity, eternity, empowerment or eternal love. Depends on who is wearing it.

Infinity necklaces are worn close to the heart that’s why people are usually preferred to assign a necklace purpose or significance. This manages to emphasize the importance to the owner, whether it is based on trust, love, or inner strength.

8-jewelry offered infinity necklaces comes in a variety of styles – we have some very simple to very complex. And they are worn in various ways. Some are worn as a sign of eternal passionate love, lasting friendship, and other never-ending love and care such as a mother-daughter bond.

We have also personalized infinity necklaces where you can choose anything you want to type on. For example, type your and your lover, friend, or family member name. That would be the most beautiful gift in the world.

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