Infinity Jewelry Meaning

Infinity symbol jewelry

Infinity Jewelry Meaning

When we think of infinity, we think of forever or something that never ends and lasts always. This raises the question of what actually is forever. When people say they want something to last forever, they mean they want that particular thing to stick with them continually. For memories to stick, they need to be captured, and the perfect way to capture memories is to express it using infinity jewelry.


The infinity symbol is initially traced back to the Indian and Tibetan culture. It started out as a symbol for mathematics to show that numbers have no end and can go on with no limit. The symbol was created by a mathematician, John Wallis, in 1655. He invented the term infinity, derived from the Latin word ‘infinitas’ meaning ‘unboundedness.’ The symbol is represented as a sideways number 8. It represents a number larger than all other numbers.

The symbol is seen in many areas. The Celtic interpretation of the symbol represents there is no end and every beginning is also the end. It signifies the physical and nonphysical circle of birth and rebirth. The infinity symbol is also similar to the Egyptian ouroboros symbol which shows a snake eating its own tail. This characterizes rebirth and the fact that beginnings and ends are at the opposite ends of a pole, but they cannot exist without each other. Hence, everything lasts forever.

Relevance Today

In case of jewelry, the infinity symbol can represent many things. It can show empowerment, represent power and serve as a reminder to motivate you and to stay strong.

For women of today, it serves much more than a symbol. It is a sign that gives them the courage to do anything they set out to do. It is a symbol of hope for many women who have faced countless tragedies. It provides them with the much-needed optimism they need to tackle life one day at a time.

Infinity jewelry has also gained recognition in recent years due to it being a symbol for women empowerment. Hollywood actress, Reese Witherspoon, partnered with Avon and the United Nations Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM) to create infinity-shaped jewelry to raise awareness for violence against women. Hence, the infinity symbol is not only trendy and sleek, but it also serves a great cause and accentuates your feminist views.

As the symbol highlights something that never ends, infinity jewelry tends to be the perfect present to give your partner, friends or family. It can emphasize the love one has for the people in their life and exaggerate the faith in their relationship based on the fact that it will last for an infinite amount of time.

Infinity symbol jewelry


When getting infinity jewelry, it shouldn’t matter what the symbol means to the people around you. What should matter is how it makes you feel. If it makes you feel powerful and confident and gives you faith and motivation or even if you just admire its sleek shape, you should definitely invest in infinity-shaped or double infinity rings, bracelets and necklaces as the whole purpose of forever are to cling to something that makes you happy.

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