Choosing the Perfect Engagement Ring for the Women you Love 2018

An engagement ring is one of the most significant purchases that you will buy for your wedding day; therefore, every detail of it needs to be perfect. You will need to take the time and energy to research the engagement rings well, as there is a tremendous choice of different ones. Don’t rush into buying the ring, otherwise, you are very likely to pay too much money and buy the wrong style or design.

How to know what she wants

While you may have a thought of the best ring to buy, you have to keep in mind that the perfect ring will be the one that she has always dreamed of. If you have been with your lover for some time, the conversation of marriage is likely to have come up. If so, you need to keep a mysterious note of what she says about the ring. Your girlfriend may have made remarks about other rings she has seen, all of this information is essential.

Engagement ring size

No matter what you may think of the ring, purchasing the wrong engagement ring will be a disaster, she needs to love it. Although men typically believe that big is always beautiful, when choosing the engagement ring this may not be true. Large set stones are difficult to wear and will make some women uncomfortable. Smaller more intimate designs are, therefore, often favored, so she can wear the ring every day without fear of damage or loss.

white-gold-plated-cz-diamond-infinity engagement ring


Here we can discuss long. Setting a budget for the engagement ring is very significant and traditionally it was thought that two month’s salary was the perfect amount. However, there are no strict rules when it comes to purchasing the engagement ring. You should always pay what you can manage to spend, and not get yourself into debt. Weddings are pricey affairs and being in debt before you have even set the date is never a great way to begin married life.

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Various options

Choosing the stones and favorite metal can be a very daunting prospect and both components need to be considered carefully. Although diamonds are always considered to be the choice of stone for an engagement ring, there are loads of other options. Your girlfriend may prefer rubies, sapphires, or emeralds. Remember the engagement ring is all about her, and she should have what she likes and will want to show off.

Engagement ring size

Once the stones are chosen the size, shape and amount need to be considered about carefully. Engagement rings traditionally have one gem set in them; however, clusters are very appealing and can look great when set perfectly.  You will also need to consider the shape of fingers that your girlfriend has as certain stone shapes will compliment their fingers well. If you look at the current rings that your girlfriend wears, it will give you an indication of what she likes.

If you are in any doubt about the engagement ring that you want to purchase, getting a second opinion is always great. Speaking to her family or friends will determine if your thoughts are going to please or disappoint her. Once you have found the perfect engagement ring you should ensure that you purchase it from a reputable jeweler. With the ring bought all that is left to do is ask your girlfriend the big question and get ready for your wedding day.

Where to buy an engagement ring

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white-gold-plated-cz-diamond-infinity engagement ring

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