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3 Best Jewelry Tips 2017


Jewelry seems to be a very big deal in this modern fashion world, especially to women. The right kind of accessories will lighten up their entire day. Nothing greater than a sparkly necklace that fits perfectly to your elegant maxi dress. Or small, wire-made, gold rings to go with your…

History of Jewelry


Old world jewelry Jewelry is often a universal form involving adornment. Jewelry created from shells, stone along with bones survives via prehistoric times. It’s likely that from an earlier date it was worn like a protection from your dangers of life or like a mark of standing or rank. Inside…

The Process To Keep Your Jewelry Looking As Shiny As The Day You Bought It


There’s nothing like seeing your old jewelry professionally polished to sparkle like it the first time you tried it on. But with busy calendars, we rarely have time to stop at the jewelry store to clean them. Now you can clean your jewelry with basic household items like antacid, aluminum…

Choosing the Perfect Engagement Ring for the Women you Love 2017


An engagement ring is one of the most significant purchases that you will buy for your wedding day; therefore, every detail of it needs to be perfect. You will need to take the time and energy to research the engagement rings well, as there is a tremendous choice of different…

Infinity Symbol Meaning


Infinity symbol history The infinity symbol was originally founded during the seventeenth century (some sources says 1655) by John Wallis, an English mathematician who desired to design a symbol to symbolize the idea of infinity – an amount that is greater than any number that can ever be imagined. Many…

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